How to teach a cosmetology course

Posted August 04, 2018 06:11:00 More than 30 years ago, a young cosmetologist named Lillian McLean decided to learn how to teach.

McLean was studying at the University of California at Berkeley and had just finished her undergraduate degree in Cosmetology, a field that required her to learn about and apply makeup techniques to the human body.

Mclean says she wanted to learn as much as she could from the best instructors in the field, including famed makeup artist and makeup artist-in-residence Heather Graham, who McLean credits with instilling in her a passion for beauty.

“The beauty world, especially for younger women, has always been really, really focused on the look, and not just the makeup,” she says.

“Cosmetology has been an industry that has been really focused for women for a long time.”

“I just love the challenge of making the best work I can for someone who has an idea of how to look, but also, with makeup, it can be a little bit of an art.”

McLean decided it would be her turn to teach, and she quickly realized that the only thing she could do better than the top makeup artists was to work with her own makeup artists.

Mclean decided to focus on teaching cosmetologies and beauty classes, but she quickly discovered that teaching a makeup class meant working with different makeup artists and working on the same makeup.

She soon began to realize that she needed to take a step back from makeup and take her own advice, which was to take her makeup time as well.

“The beauty industry, especially, for younger girls, has been pretty, you know, really, pretty focused on beauty,” she explains.

“It’s very much about the look.

It’s really about using products to make your face look good.

What McLean found was that the makeup industry is in a unique place right now. “

I just feel like my best advice is just to just keep doing what you’re doing.”

What McLean found was that the makeup industry is in a unique place right now.

Cosmetologists are working with more people than ever before.

The makeup industry has a massive workforce, and makeup has become an integral part of many popular brands and brands are looking to make sure their products are as natural and as effective as possible.

McLeod found that in order to maintain her position, she needed a more flexible approach to her makeup classes.

While she was still in school, McLeod started to realize her own desire to teach more makeup classes, and in order for her to do so, she had to figure out how to make that happen.

In addition to teaching makeup classes at Berkeley, McLean teaches a Cosmetologica course at UC Berkeley.

For McLean, that means that she has to be able to teach classes on her own, because the makeup and cosmetological fields are very different.

She says she has never had the chance to meet the makeup artists she’s taught before, but has had a chance to work in her personal makeup studio.

As a makeup artist, Mclean has to work closely with her makeup artist to ensure that her makeup looks good on her.

In order to make her makeup look good on herself, she has her own studio, which means that her products have to be of the highest quality.

After graduating from college, McLeans first foray into the beauty industry came at age 30.

When she was in her mid-30s, Mcleans had a vision to open her own beauty boutique.

She decided to do this by offering her products at affordable prices to people in the beauty market, which is a market where she had no experience.

But, Mc Leans says, she was surprised when she saw the reaction she got from the beauty community.

It was really surprising, and very, very, different from the way I thought, you’ve been doing makeup, and you’ve never been in a beauty shop before.

Then she realized that if she could get a few people who had never worked in a makeup store to join her, she could be doing something special.

By this time, McLaess had been working in the makeup business for about a decade, and while she didn’t have the experience of working with the top talent in the industry, she knew what it took to become a successful makeup artist.

And that’s when McLeas makeup classes began.

Today, McLess has more than 30 classes under her belt and is constantly looking for new students.

Since Mc Leess first began teaching makeup class, she says that she’s met a lot of wonderful people and her makeup class has become one of the best classes she has taught.

Despite the fact that her classes have become so popular, Mc La