How to get a better drill instructor: The drill instructor’s hat

By: Emily A. GannisMay 10, 2020 07:12:33The drill instructor is often a bit of a celebrity in the industry.

There are hundreds of people who wear the hat on a regular basis to show off their knowledge of the drill.

In fact, it is such a well-known piece of equipment, it was included in the first edition of the book, “Dangerous Drill: The Ultimate Drill Handbook.”

The hat is made of cotton and is attached to a belt that hangs over your waist.

It is designed to look like a drill instructor helmet, but with a bit more volume and a brim to make it look like it is worn by a drill sergeant.

But the hat has its drawbacks.

It makes you look more like a teacher than a drill teacher, and there are concerns that it might not be safe for children under the age of 8, the age that most drill instructors teach.

This hat is also a lot of work to put on.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, wearing a drill hat requires a total of two hours of full-body work per drill.

While it is important to be safe, the hat can also make you look like you are more of a drill student than you really are.

There are many different types of drill hats, from the standard hat, which is a light-weight cotton hat that has a brim, to the more expensive, heavier, and more expensive drill hat, the drill sergeant hat.

A drill sergeant is the top drill sergeant in the drill program.

The drill sergeant also wears the drill hat as part of his uniform.

The drill sergeant’s hat is the more costly hat.

This hat has a slightly larger brim, which makes it look more formal.

The hat also comes in a different color.

The Drill Sergeant hat is white.

This drill sergeant drill hat is available at a number of drill and fitness stores and specialty drill shops.

The Drill Sergeant Drill Hat is available for $125.

The price is a little steep for a drill and training hat, but the drill instructor can customize it to suit their needs.

If you are looking for a more affordable drill hat that doesn’t have a brim and has a better fit, you can purchase the Drill Sergeant drill hat from a local store or the manufacturer’s online store.