Guitar instructor zero (Podcast)

Posted October 25, 2018 09:20:15The last episode of the Guitar Instructor Zero Podcast was released yesterday.

The episode included a look at the evolution of the modern guitar.

Topics covered include:• The rise of the Gibson® guitar• The guitar body, how it changed from the late ’50s to the early ’60s• The Gibson® bass, how and when it changed• The acoustic guitar, how to use it• The electric guitar, its origins and uses• The evolution of rhythm guitar, guitar players and instrumentsThe audio version can be downloaded on the link below or on iTunes for $2.99.

The podcast also features music by the legendary bassist of the Velvet Underground, Billie Holiday, as well as an interview with the late keyboardist and guitar hero, Johnny Marr.

This week on the podcast, we hear the guitar lessons of one of our favourite guitarists, Jeff Beck.

We also learn about how he got his start in the guitar business, and his current role with Rrotc, where he teaches a new generation of guitarists the craft of the guitar.