Why USCA flight instructors are using handbooks to teach aviation

On Friday, the USCA Flight Instructor Handbook was released.

The handbook contains a number of new concepts for aviation instructors, which are being rolled out to the classroom over the coming months.

One of the new concepts is that the instructor’s instructor’s guide is the key to understanding how to prepare for flight.

“That’s the idea,” says Chris Lillis, vice-president of training and flight operations for the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFIA).

“You’re teaching them, you’re teaching the fundamentals and the skills, but you’re also introducing them to the things that they need to understand to get them into the cockpit and get them safely to their destination.”

The handbooks are being released for the first time this year, and instructors are being encouraged to use them to develop a base of knowledge that they can apply to their classroom.

Lillies says the handbooks will also help flight instructors prepare for new and upcoming competitions, like the upcoming Aviad.

“There’s a lot of things that we need to prepare, and we’re going to use the [NAFICA] flight instructor’s Handbook,” Lillys says.

“We’re going be showing some of those skills in our simulator, but it’s going to be based on the information that we’ve developed in the simulator.”

The NAFIA has also created a training resource that will be available to instructors in the US.

Lilling says the NAFICA will be working with the USCCA, the Association of American Flight Instructers, and the Association for Professional Flight Instructurs to ensure that instructors are not losing their ability to teach by using the handbook.

“If you’ve got something that you’ve learned in the past, but now it’s just not relevant, you’ll want to find something that can help you in the future,” Lilling explains.

The NAFCA has also introduced a flight instructor training course that will teach instructors the fundamentals of flying with the latest in flight simulator technology.

Lills says the course is part of its efforts to provide training to more people.

“It’s a way to get more people to take flight, to learn about flying, and that’s a huge part of what NAFAC is about,” Lills explains.

“So, we’re definitely going to continue to work with them and to make sure that we’re not just sending this to some people who are going to do this without any training.”

For flight instructors, the NAFCAs pilot training course is just one of many new ideas that are being implemented to prepare them for the new competition.

“I think it’s really important for instructors to be prepared to compete in a new way,” says Lilles.

“To be able to teach, to prepare and to demonstrate what you’ve learnt.”

The USCA says that its Flight Instructor’s Handbook will help prepare flight instructors for the next big competition.

The USCCI says that in the coming weeks, the flight instructor will be able fly a plane, climb a hill, and climb out of a fiery crash.

It says that the NAFL will be launching its new version of its popular flight instructor handbook in November.