Dance instructor jobs and salaries, July 2016

Hardest pelotons and instructors are getting a little easier in the coming months.

The American Dance Teachers Association (ADTA) and the National Association of Dance Instructors (NADI) announced today that they will launch a new Salary and Benefits Program for instructors at all levels, starting July 1.

This new program, which will be available through the agency’s new Paycheck for Educators page, will pay the full salary for any position at any stage of the career cycle.

The ADTA and NADI will be the first organizations to offer this new payment structure to teachers.

“The best way to increase pay is to provide more training and to provide support for our members to find new opportunities,” said Michele McDonough, ADTA president.

“Dance instructors are our most important workforce and we are grateful for the hard work they do every day.

Now, we can continue to support them by offering a full salary to their highest paying positions, so that they can continue their education and their careers.”

“The ADTA has always supported the development of the pay and benefits structure for instructors,” said Nadine Siegel, NADI president.

“[It’s] a long-overdue step to help pay instructors and support their education.

I commend ADTA for the commitment and the willingness to offer a full-time, guaranteed pay plan for instructors.”

For now, this is the only payment plan that the ADTA is offering to instructors.

For more information, please visit the Paycheck and Benefits page.

The new ADTA Paycheck program is available to teachers at all stages of their career.

It will include salaries and benefits for any positions, starting with a minimum of $30,000.

It also includes a salary cap, which limits the amount of money that can be earned each year.

The minimum salary for a fulltime instructor will be $100,000, a salary for an assistant teacher will be at least $60,000 and a full time instructor with a degree in a field of study will be able to earn up to $150,000 a year.

For details on how this new Payroll system works, visit

ADTA, a membership organization of more than 2 million dance teachers across the United States, is a professional organization that represents dance instructors, dance studios, school districts, and the performing arts community in the United State.

The NADI is a membership association of over 20,000 dance instructors in the U.S. that is dedicated to promoting the art and science of dance through its membership, educational programs, and membership dues.

ADT and NADT have a long history of support for dance educators through their Paycheck For Educators pages.

The program will continue to offer instructors a flexible, secure, and cost-effective means of increasing pay and providing financial security for the dance community.

For teachers at every stage of their careers, the new ADT Paycheck plan will provide a competitive salary that will allow them to continue their training and continue their dance careers.

For all of the information on the ADT Salary and Benefit Program, visit the website. 

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