How to Give the Best Gift to Your Peloton Instructor

You may have seen the new Peloton® GPS Tracker, but you may not have realized how many Peloton™ instructors have received it.

We want to help you give the gift of a Peloton to your Peloton instructor so they can be your own personal personal mentor, but it’s not just a gift.

You can also donate the Peloton Tracker to the Pelots International Rescue Fund to support their mission.

Here are the benefits of giving to your favorite Peloton instructors: Peloton has partnered with the University of Wisconsin–Madison to offer up a Peloton Tracker that includes: • Personalized email alerts for all your Pelotons • 24/7 access to their video feeds • Customizable training schedules with daily/weekly/monthly workouts • Access to live, on-demand training • Up to 24/8 access to training sessions and workouts • Up-to-date training log and training schedule information • Up for donation in any amount • Upgraded Pelotones available for purchase through • Personalization of Pelototons GPS trackers will be available for sale at a later date.

It also features: • A personal touch: the personalized logo that will match your username to your training log • The option to customize your email alerts to be sent to the person who logged into the Peloto app • The ability to personalize the log to display a personalized message for each training session • Upgrades for future Pelotonic devices, including the new Kontinental™ Pro Pelotón with GPS Tracker that can be purchased through and through the Pelotic website.

In addition to the above, we also offer a Pelion Tracker for sale through Pelotics website.

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