Wilderness Instructor Belt: Fapping instructor earns $1.9M in the wilderness

A Wilderness Instructor belt is a “must-have” in the field of “advanced” ground and aerial instruction, according to a report released today by the Wilderness Association.

The report, titled “Wilderness Instructor Belt,” said that the belt, which is $1,919.89 and features a padded shoulder strap and waist belt, is “the only certified harness on the market that is 100% compliant with NHTSA’s rigorous certification standards.”

The belt also features “a padded shoulder and knee strap for extra support and a padded knee and thigh belt for additional comfort.”

“We recommend this belt to all students who want to learn to use the most advanced ground and air skills, including aerial, ground, and helicopter use,” the Wilderness Institute said in a statement.

“A Wilderness Instructor is the only certified instructor with the expertise, skill and knowledge to deliver the ground-and-air skills and knowledge necessary to safely conduct the most demanding operations.”

The Wilderness Institute has been a leader in the development of wilderness instruction and training equipment, and is a leader of the National Wilderness Alliance.

The group’s board of directors recently approved the $1 billion Wilderness Belt Program to “support and develop the development and adoption of innovative ground and airspace instructional, training, and certification devices, systems, and practices that will enhance the quality and effectiveness of the ground and ground air education programs, including the NWA’s current National Ground and Air Training Center and the new NWA Ground and Aviation Training Center, in accordance with the National Forest and Wilderness Act and the National Conservation Lands Act,” the statement said.

The Wilderness belt comes at a time when the N.F.A. is struggling to recruit new teachers.

Last week, N.D.A.-certified instructors and certificated staff from across the country were told they must wait until February for new hires to be hired.

The N.B.A., in its new “training and education system,” is calling for instructors to be “trained on a continuous basis for the life of their apprenticeship” to make sure they can stay on top of the latest training advancements and provide the best possible instruction to current and prospective students.