Which college students are most likely to be unemployed in 2018?

By RASHAD BRUCE Source USA Today Nov 20, 2018 15:59:49The unemployment rate has dropped from 10.4% to 9.8% over the past two years.

That is good news for many people who have fallen behind in their work but are worried they might have to return to school.

The unemployment rate is calculated by taking into account people who were actively looking for work and those who have given up.

But the real number could be much higher than that, said Scott Zilberman, senior vice president at The Jobseeker’s Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based labor group.

The jobless rate is not the same as the number of people working part-time and those seeking other jobs.

It is an indicator of the state of the economy, not whether or not people are looking for jobs.

“People in the labor force are out of the labor market because they want to work full-time.

They’ve got an education that they’re really good at and they want a job,” Zilberger said.

“But the job market is weak right now and the economy is going through some hard times.

People who are still looking for a job have been left out.

We’re seeing that.”

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