How drill instructor hats helped a student achieve his dream

A college drill instructor has become a celebrity after wearing a hat that can be worn by any student who wants to train with the drill instructor.

The hat, which is called the Drill Instructor Hat, was inspired by the drill instructors’ hats that were worn by students in the military.

A student, whose name has not been released, decided to wear the hat.

“This hat was inspired from a drill instructor’s hat.

The hat was worn by an active duty military member as part of a training exercise,” the Hatmaker website said.

“It is designed to keep the drill student’s head and neck warm and cool.”

The hat has become such a popular item that the drill course instructors in Arizona are now using it.

“I’ve seen hundreds of students and their hats, and it has become an iconic item for students to wear.

It’s been a big hit with the instructors,” said Jason Miller, instructor at the Arizona School of Military and Naval Education.

The Drill Instructor hat, as the hat’s creators describe it, is a lightweight hat that fits snugly around the neck.

It has a removable visor that can accommodate different hats.

Students who wear the drill hat have to wear a special hat cap that has a zipper that goes up and down, so they can take the drill cap off when they get home.