Why is a private yoga class so popular?

A yoga instructor and a tennis instructor have been sharing their tips on how to make your own private yoga classes for under $200.

The three-hour sessions take place in the company of friends who also take classes with them, and are designed to be casual and fun.

In an article for ABC News, co-author and founder of the blog Yoga with Friends, Katie O’Connell, said private yoga sessions were popular for a reason.

“The reason people want to do it is that there is a huge community around them, you know, all these other yoga classes and people have done the same thing for years,” she said.

Ms O’Connor, who has been teaching yoga for more than a decade, said she did not want to discourage people from doing yoga but encouraged people to learn how to get better.

She said while she had a personal experience with the yoga class, there was a “general feeling that people don’t really have time for it”.

“People tend to be really stressed, they’re worried about the future, they don’t have the energy for it, they want to stop, so that can be really draining,” she explained.

And while the class is an activity that many people can enjoy, Ms O’Connor said there was one major concern with it.

“It’s not really fun,” she admitted.

“I feel like, what people want is a place where they can sit and relax, they can do some yoga and have fun, but it’s not actually a good thing.” 

In 2016, Ms Zee said there were “quite a few people” in her yoga class who had had negative experiences.

At the time, Ms Yee said she was not prepared to quit her job to become a yoga instructor.

“We’re all just kind of in the same boat, we’re all trying to get out of our daily routines and focus on something new,” she added.

Ms Zee is now one of the co-founders of the Australian Yoda Yoga Certification program.

She said the classes had a positive impact on their yoga students.

“They come back and have really good and positive experiences, which is something that we can all be proud of, that’s what we’re trying to achieve, which it has done,” she told News.org.au.

There are some similarities between the classes and the Yoga with friends group.

Ms Yee has shared how she was initially hesitant to join the group after she first met Ms Zegas students, but after meeting them she has found that they are all very friendly and supportive.

“A lot of the members of the group are women, and a lot of them are quite shy, so they’re really not the typical people that we might expect, but they’re all very open and friendly, so I think that has definitely helped,” she continued.

Ms Ockers was also inspired by her experience with her class and said she wanted to do something similar to the Yoga With Friends group.

“There’s a lot more people who can actually share their own experience with it,” she concluded.

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