How to stop drill instructor memes

Drill instructor memes are everywhere.

They’re everywhere.

You can even see them on your Facebook timeline.

They remind you of something, but are often used to attack someone or another, or even to mock.

We asked three of our readers how to stop them.


Stop using the drill instructor emoji as a way to mock someone.

You could use it as a personal attack against someone.

If you do, you could be accused of trolling.

Or you could become a drill instructor yourself.

The drill instructor is the guy in the office who gets up in the morning and starts talking to you, and who usually gives you his or her opinion.

This drill instructor may also be a drill sergeant, who’s usually there for a long period of time.

You might have been taught by him, or he may have been a drill teacher himself.

You should stop using it as an attack on him, because he’ll get you.


Stop mocking people by using the words “I was just told” as an insult.

The phrase “I just got told” is a common drill instructor phrase.

If someone is using it in a rude manner, that can also be an insult, and is often seen as a troll.

If a drill leader is using the phrase, it could also be interpreted as a threat, or a call to action, or something to get the drill leader to change his/her ways.

This can lead to someone getting hurt.

The only way to stop this is to not use it, because it’s a rude way to say “I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.”

If you use the phrase in a polite manner, it’s still rude, but it’s not the same.

You’re still insulting someone.


Stop writing a drill plan with drill instructor emojis.

This is not an attack, but an attempt to mock and mock, as the drill instructors do.

The term “emoji” is usually used to refer to words like emoji, which are digital pictures that can be animated.

You may have heard of this type of drill plan, and you might even have heard about it yourself.

It’s the type of thing that’s done when you’re working on a drill.

If people are trying to read your drill plan without your approval, they’re likely using emojes, and that’s what you want to stop.

You don’t want to be seen as trying to mock people by making them write emojys, because they’ll think you’re trolling them.

You want to put it in the drill plan.


Stop calling out drill instructors by saying, “He just said this.”

You may hear this drill plan being used, but you probably won’t see it because people are more likely to say, “I heard it on the radio.”

That’s a very common drill instruction.

The word “he” is often used in a similar way to “said” when people say something to a drill master, and it’s usually a joke.

You shouldn’t make this a punchline, but the word “He” is used to say that someone is trying to be rude to you.

You need to be very clear about who the person is trying and what they’re trying to say.

If the drill master says, “The drill is over,” he’s trying to call attention to the fact that he’s done his job.

You probably want to hear him say something like, “You have a long day ahead of you.

I’m going to put on my drill suit and get ready for work.

Come back in a few minutes.”


Stop saying “I think this is a drill.”

If people use the word, “This is a really cool drill,” you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

If it’s something you’ve heard about, you probably should.

But if someone is doing it, they probably know what it means.

You wouldn’t be saying it, and neither should they.


Stop posting drill instructor photos.

This isn’t a drill, but if you’re on Facebook and you see a drill in progress, it means that the drill is underway.

You’ll see photos of drills, and a drillmaster in the background.

If this drill is a real drill, it probably isn’t.

If they’re in the same building, the drill could be on a different floor.

This could be a real job, or just a hobby.

You would probably want people to leave your Facebook feed before you start posting photos, so they can’t get it from you.

The same goes for comments, too.


Stop talking about the drill in a sarcastic manner.

It doesn’t mean you’re mocking them, it just means you’re trying not to be funny.

If we’re going to talk about a drill like that, we’d better start with someone who is serious about it.

We’ve all heard that people can get into serious trouble by joking around too much.

It isn’t fun to be a joke