New zumbas trainer is earning $1,200 an hour

A New Jersey zumbala instructor is making $1.1 million, including bonuses and benefits, as she prepares for her fourth year at the company, the company’s website shows.

Zumbas are classes in which people run along with weights, jumping and other exercises while wearing a zip-up skirt.

They have become a popular activity for children with learning disabilities.

Last year, a New Jersey company that makes the zumbajas was awarded $10 million by the federal government to help pay for teacher training.

Zombas are designed to help children learn how to balance on their own and use their body to balance the weight of objects.

The Zumba Company in New Jersey said in a statement that a majority of the $1 million in federal funding was awarded to two zumbalas instructors who worked full-time, and paid $1 an hour to do their jobs.

Zoom Fitness, which has about 600 employees, has been training teachers for about a year to make zumbias, spokeswoman Kelly Babbitt said in an email.

The company is a subsidiary of Zombas Training and Development Inc., a New York-based company that specializes in zumbawaza training for preschoolers, she said.

Babbitt did not know how much the trainers were paid or how much their salaries would be.