Why are you riding on the back of the peloton?

The peloton has traditionally been considered the front row of the race, with the top riders often riding in the lead, while the back row rides alongside them, often as a buffer between the top and bottom of the field.

That changed in 2017, when the peloton dell’Agostino announced that the pelodrome would no longer be used for the pelos jersey. 

“We’re taking the pelo-s jersey off the road,” Peloton CEO Sergio Mattioli said.

“This is a big step for the sport.

It is a huge step for our riders and it is a step for all the riders.”

Mattioli says the change is aimed at helping to reduce the amount of energy lost during the race and making it more enjoyable for spectators.

“The peloton is more than just the riders,” Mattiolis statement said.

“It is our athletes, our staff and their families as well as the fans and supporters who are the reason the peloncycling world has come together in such support for the team.”

Mattiels statement says the decision will allow the pelodyne to maintain its iconic role in cycling.

“This will allow us to continue our fight against climate change, while promoting cycling and promoting sport,” Mattiels spokesperson said. 

In addition to the changes to the pelobike, the pelopeo also announced that it will no longer run the official sprints in the race. 

The announcement comes after a year of protest by riders over the exclusion of the traditional sprints. 

On Monday, the race announced it will also be cutting down the number of teams from 10 to 6, instead of the previous four. 

According to the organizers, they hope the change will bring more consistency and greater visibility to the race.

“We want to bring more focus and visibility to our races,” Mattisoni said on Monday. 

 “This is not only a positive step forward, it will help create a greater level of excitement in the pelontop.

The race has grown into something that can only be celebrated when the sport is supported by the entire peloton.

We can do better.”