Girl shoots instructor in naked yoga class

A girl is being hailed a hero for shooting an instructor in the back as she tried to teach yoga in the nude.

The incident happened Thursday at the American Fitness Center in the New York City borough of Queens.

A woman, who asked not to be identified, told The Associated Press that she was teaching a class with an instructor.

She said she told the instructor she had a camera to record her yoga poses, but he told her to turn it off.

She thought it was a joke, but instead she put her camera down, the woman said.

When she turned the camera on, the instructor, who was wearing shorts, stood up and started to walk away from her.

The woman was startled by the instructor’s actions, and when she approached him, he grabbed her arm.

He told her she was being “disrespectful” and told her, “Go fuck yourself,” the woman told the AP.

She said the instructor then took her phone and said, “Don’t take it, you’re going to get in trouble.”

The woman was shaken up by what she thought was the instructor pulling a gun.

She then told the girl who was teaching yoga that she had her phone out.

The instructor, however, said she was taking pictures, and the girl left.

The woman said she called the police.

The girl told police she had nothing to do with the incident, and she was not disciplined for it.

The American Fitness Centers said it does not comment on employee-on-employee shootings.

The company also said it is reviewing its policies on how to handle incidents of sexual harassment and assault.