How to shoot an instructor

Instructor and artist Mia Gourdin has spent the past three years teaching martial arts at a local high school in Queensland.

Ms Gourdin is one of a growing number of women in the industry teaching traditional martial arts such as kung fu, kungfu and taekwondo.

“The problem with teaching traditional arts is that the women have been trained in an all-male environment and they’re very often taught in a way that’s sexist,” Ms Goutdin said.

When Ms Gaunt’s daughter was born, she took a break from teaching to spend time with her daughter.

“I’m going to miss her so much and I’m going in to see her and see what I can do for her,” Ms Cogdell said.

“But at the end of the day I’m teaching the girls.”

The female teachers Ms Gogdins work with are often the youngest of the generation of teachers.

A recent study found that women were almost half as likely as men to be employed as teaching assistants in Queensland in the past year.

Ms Gourdan’s daughter is just one of many female teachers in the business who are also fighting for equality.

Rita Lee, the founder of the Women’s Martial Arts Association of Queensland (WMAAQ), said the trend was a sign of a wider issue.

She said there was still a lot of work to be done.

There are still a number of schools where there’s not much of an equity or representation in the teaching industry and the issue is really the women who are actually teaching the students, Ms Lee said.

“It’s not just the women that are doing the teaching but there’s also a lot more women who aren’t doing the learning,” Ms Lee told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“So it’s a really important issue because there are still women teachers out there that aren’t represented in the workforce.”

We need more of them in the classroom because it’s the women’s job to be the ones that teach.

“Ms Lee said the WMAAQ was a non-profit that would not be making a profit, but that there were other options for women to make a living.

But Ms Goughdin said the issue was not just women teaching in traditional arts schools.

Many other young women were starting to take up the martial arts, and were also taking up the full-time role of teacher.

As a result, she said many more young women in Queensland were in the profession.

Mr Cogdon said he had seen an increase in the number of female instructors, and he hoped it would continue.

Women who are now teaching women’s martial arts should be celebrated for the work they’re doing, Mr Cogdn said.

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