How to become a swim instructor at the pool in your area

The world’s largest swimming pool is now officially a certified swimming facility.

The New York City-based pool chain, Swim New York, officially launched its certification program in February.

It’s one of many in the country that has expanded certification programs to include water sports.

The pool certification program has been a long time coming, as the company first launched in the city in 2012.

Now, Swim NY says it has over 1,200 certified instructors in over 100 countries.

The program was originally launched in Australia and New Zealand, and expanded to the U.S. in 2016.

It now includes the pool certification, swimming lessons and certification for swimming and fitness.

According to Swim NY, the certification program will be available for all pools nationwide starting this summer.

In addition to certification in swimming, swim instructors can also take swimming classes, run a race, swim on water or do yoga classes.

Swim NY also offers a certification in fitness.

The company says it hopes to have certification in all of the categories within six months.