How to get a male yoga instructor’s insurance cover

The number of female instructors in gyms across the country has risen dramatically in recent years, with the number of male instructors in women’s classes more than doubling from 2010 to 2015.But how can a male instructor with a female partner be sure that he will still be covered if his wife gets injured?This article […]

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What to look for when applying for an aviation training job

Aviation instructors are a lucrative career.As of April 2017, there were approximately 8,000 aviation instructors in Australia, and as of July 2018, the number of vacancies stood at around 7,000.This is a topic that has attracted a lot of interest from potential candidates.For some, the opportunity to get certified is a good reason to apply, […]

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How I learned to stop thinking and start doing

Newsweek: As the US prepares for its next presidential election, many experts are questioning whether the country’s new president can really make it through the long election campaign.The election’s likely to be the first of several contested presidential elections and the election has brought to the forefront concerns about voting rights and the role of […]

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How to teach maths to children in the classroom

I’ve been thinking about how I might have taught maths to my children if I’d known at the start that the subject was in its infancy.The problem, as it turns out, is that we’ve been doing it wrong.We’ve been trying to teach children the principles of algebra, and the problems we are struggling to solve.Instead, […]

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