How to Find the Best Scuba Instructor Job for You

Are you a scuba diver?Do you want to learn how to dive?If so, this article will help you find the perfect scuba teacher for you.Here’s a list of the best scuba instructors that we know of, including the ones who currently teach in dive schools.We’re sure you’re looking for the best of both worlds: the […]

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How to get into the best offshore diving jobs

A year ago, I was a diving instructor and a teacher in the Navy.Now, I am a full-time instructor with the best diving company in the world, Echelon.This article is a one-stop guide to finding the best job opportunities and getting the most out of your career.What I have to say: The best jobs in the […]

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Which English instructors should you hire in 2017?

English teacher jobs, and the job titles they reference, are an important part of online job searches, so be sure to check out our extensive listing of the best online jobs for English teachers.English teacher job titles are often used in online job search ads to indicate which schools and colleges are hiring.Many of the […]

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How to Teach the English Exam and the SAT

By Emily YoffeThis article originally appeared in New York magazine, June 2017.Get the best of Slate in your inbox every morning.Get all the latest stories from New York City in your newsfeed.To get a sense of how difficult it can be to get an English teacher job in America, look no further than a New […]

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