When you’re a ski instructor, you can earn up to £3,000 per hour

By John BowermanWhen you’re teaching a class of up to 100 people, you’re bound to encounter a few issues: getting the students to get out and move around, finding the appropriate equipment for the terrain and finding the right instructors to help them.And sometimes, you might find yourself sitting around in a cramped, uncomfortable chair […]

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How to make the perfect tai chi training session

Toronto, ON – It’s the summer of 2016, and as many of us are preparing for summer vacation, we’re wondering what’s next in the world of taekwondo.There are a variety of courses offered across the city, and some offer classes from the elite taektang schools.But for many, the focus is on the individual, rather than […]

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Which College Graduates With More Than $300,000 in Debt?

Posted October 05, 2018 06:11:23With graduates of the world’s best colleges now taking on debt for years, how much debt does a college graduate owe?And how does the cost of attending a college compare to that of attending other institutions?The Financial Times asked some experts to provide some answers.The average college graduate will have student […]

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How to be a doctor for a living

How to become a doctor in a new career?The path from nurse to doctor is a long one.But for the average person, it can be surprisingly simple.Here’s how.ABC News1: Start with the basics.Learn to talk to patients and learn how to listen.Find the right internship.Get a teaching job.Make sure you have the right qualifications.ABCNEWS2: Learn […]

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How to become an NUS nursing instructor

Nursing students can now apply for jobs in nursing.However, some employers have been reluctant to hire students who are on leave.What are the rules for students who want to work in nursing?You need to be on leave of absence for at least three months to start nursing training.You must have completed your nursing education and […]

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