How to Find the Best Scuba Instructor Job for You

Are you a scuba diver?Do you want to learn how to dive?If so, this article will help you find the perfect scuba teacher for you.Here’s a list of the best scuba instructors that we know of, including the ones who currently teach in dive schools.We’re sure you’re looking for the best of both worlds: the […]

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How to stop drill instructor memes

Drill instructor memes are everywhere.They’re everywhere.You can even see them on your Facebook timeline.They remind you of something, but are often used to attack someone or another, or even to mock.We asked three of our readers how to stop them.1.Stop using the drill instructor emoji as a way to mock someone.You could use it as […]

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Which of these jobs is the most stressful?

The most stressful jobs are welding instructor, carpenter, plumber and electrical engineer.They’re all filled with pressure.But welding instructor is the highest-stress job, with a median stress score of 3,716.Plumber is the lowest stress job, at 3,073.And electrical engineer, the one with the most stress, has a stress score just above 1,000.But the stress score is […]

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How to Become an Instructor for the Ultimate Ski Course

When you’re a budding instructor, you’re going to have to be smart, disciplined, and creative in order to get your first job.But, with the right work experience, a solid resume, and some training, you can get the most out of your career as an instructor.That’s the goal of this post series that outlines the essential […]

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How to get started in the peloton

What do you need to know to get up to speed on how to train in the world’s biggest peloton?If you’ve ever ridden in a world class cycling team, chances are you’ve also heard that the elite riders have to train hard and that their team mates aren’t the most skilled.Well, if you’re a professional […]

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